Hi Everybody !

Things haven`t changed a great deal since I last wrote an introduction to my home page;
the new CD "LIFELINE" is out and I`m very happy with the result.

Apart from Ferdl Eichner, with whom I work a lot, there are some other fine musicians who played on the record, and it`s doing very well.

It`s the first record to come out on our own little label, and it`s a good start.
There are lots of new songs waiting to be recorded, but we`re taking our time to ensure first quality productions.

In spite of the economic crisis, concerts are running very well, and it`s always good to renew old acquaintances at the venues.
It`s also nice when playing concerts with Ferdl or alone not to have to stick to a fixed programm, as I normally would have to do with a band.
That waywe play what we feel like and new songs are always popping up.

Take a look at the gig list, and if are able to come along it would be grat to see you.

Love, Happy Days, and enjoy the fresh air of fall.